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Our surgeons are all Board-certified and well respected in their fields. Click the name to learn more.

"As an early adopter of minimally invasive techniques, I have over 14 years of experience with complicated spine surgeries. By employing small incisions, I focus on reducing post-op pain and shortening the rehabilitation period."

"I believe strongly in spending time with each patient, explaining their condition completely, and discussing treatment options together, recommending surgery only when all other options have failed. Your care will be personalized and precise."

"My mission is to provide individualized care for each patient. The cornerstone of this philosophy is to utilize surgery as the last option; I often recommend nonsurgical solutions for the relief of neck and back pain including diagnostic procedures, pain management, and physical therapy. For proper surgical candidates I bring extensive training in procedures including minimally invasive surgery, decompression, and fusion."

"My team and I pride ourselves in spending time with our patients to make sure they are well informed about their diagnosis and treatment plan. My goal is to identify your pain source first, and then to begin treatment with my expertise in procedures including spinal decompression and fusion, microsurgery, and artificial disk replacement."

"Most of the time patients come to see me because they have back, neck, or radiating pain, numbness, or tingling. Many times surgery is not the first option. I may suggest different things such as physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, or even medications and time. Surgeries, when utilized can often be a very great help in restoring normal function and many patients see a significantly greater improvement than they even thought was possible."