Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery

A Minimally Invasive Alternative
-To Traditional Spine Surgery-


Spinal endoscopy is the leading spine surgery technique today because of the opportunities it brings to improving patient care. Preferred Surgicenter utilizes the maxmorespine® system which provides a safer approach, greater precision, wider indications, less instrumentation, and reduced disposable costs.

This minimally invasive spine surgery system is often preferred to laser spine surgery and has many benefits to traditional open spine surgery.

The Surgery

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The Benefits For You

Outpatient Procedure, No hospital stay required

Lower chance of infection

Local anesthesia, safer than general anesthesia

Less tissue damage, Quicker Healing

Reduced post-op pain and medication

In addition to the medical benefits, Preferred Surgicenter makes your spine surgery safer and easier. Our facility has expert and compassionate staff who work with the latest equipment including the 4K Arthrex monitors and the maxmorespine® system. We are also able to do overnight observation and will book your hotel for patients coming from outside the Chicagoland area. 

Meet Our Surgeon

Dr. Faris Abusharif Headshot

"Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery is one of the safest ways to deal with herniated discs, foraminal stenosis, and even past unsuccessful spine surgeries. By focusing on this procedure, I have been able to live out my philosophy, that no one should have to live with pain."

Dr. Faris Abusharif

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