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Why should I use the MRI review?

An experienced spine doctor can identify the cause of your back pain and determine the best treatment options for you with an MRI image. If you have already had your MRI reviewed, a second opinion is still highly recommended to reduce the chance of misdiagnosis.

Many people use our MRI review to find out if they are a candidate for minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery.

How do I send over my MRI?

You can send us your physical disc by mail or in-person. Your other option is to fill out a Record Release form and we will reach out to your imaging center directly. Fill out your information (below on mobile) and we will send you the Record Release form with complete instructions.

How recent should my MRI scan be?

MRI scans should be no older than three years.

An MRI Scan

or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan is used to take a closer look at the brain and soft tissue of the spine (discs, ligaments, vasculature, etc). It gives the physician a clearer picture of your back without any incisions and can be used to detect spinal defects including herniated discs, bone abnormalities, or tumors.
The scan can also help you determine your eligibility for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. If you don't have an MRI, our facility has an in-house imaging center.