Surgery at ASC’s is a Better Alternative to Surgery in Hospitals For Many Patients

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Surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center is a Better Alternative to Surgery in a Hospital For Many Patients

Ambulatory or outpatient surgery centers (ASCs) are state-licensed facilities that perform single-day, outpatient procedures within specialties including orthopedic, gastrointestinal, pain management, and cosmetic medicine. Physicians at ASCs are the same ones you would see at a hospital, but they choose to perform your surgery at an ASC for the benefits outlined below. If you have a surgery coming up, ask your physician if it can be performed at an ASC.


The Benefits of an Ambulatory Surgery Center

ASCs are cheaper and have transparent pricing. Patients save over $5 billion annually in lower deductibles and coinsurance payments by choosing to have their surgeries in ASCs.1 Because ASCs are smaller facilities and perform a limited range of procedures, patients are not paying for the extra overhead associated with a hospital. In addition, ASCs generally tell you the cost of your procedure beforehand so there is no need to worry about surprise charges.2

Patients experience lower wait and procedure times. Procedures take 25% less time at an ASC when compared to a hospital.  They are also rarely delayed because of emergency cases or other situations that can occur in a hospital.3 Some centers, such as Preferred Surgicenter, will also have operation times on the weekend so you can avoid missing work.

The facilities are smaller than hospitals. Since ASCs are restricted to a specific set of procedures (those than can be done in an outpatient setting), the buildings are generally smaller. If you have had trouble finding the registration desk or your department in a hospital, you know the convenience of having everything in one place. For older patients or patients experiencing discomfort, the smaller size can be a huge relief because it requires less walking. 

It’s no surprise that patients have a 92% satisfaction rate with the care they receive in ASCs.2 The main concern surrounding ASCs is that being equipped for a limited range of procedures may be an issue if complications occur. However, ASCs stick to procedures that are fit for the outpatient setting and many centers, such as Preferred Surgicenter, have never had to transport a patient to a hospital due to complications. As technology continues to advance, more procedures will become feasible in an outpatient setting, making ASCs an even better choice for patients.

To learn more about ASCs or to see whether you can have your procedure done at an ASC, contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and to discuss whether outpatient surgery is an option for you!







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  • I thought it was interesting to learn that you spend much less time waiting at an ambulatory surgery center than at a hospital. This alone would make me want to choose a surgery center over a hospital. I hate waiting, so I’l definitely keep this in mind in the future if I am ever in need of outpatient surgery.

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