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How Preferred Can Bring You Relief

Minimally Invasive, The Most Recent Advance In Spine Surgery

As a leading surgery center for spine surgery, Preferred offers Minimally Invasive as well as overnight stay if observation is required. This modern option, preferred by most surgeons over laser surgery and traditional surgery, has many relative benefits including:

Reduced Chance of Infection Less Blood Loss and Muscle Damage During Surgery Less Pain Medication During and After Surgery Same-day discharge and Faster Recovery

Curious which option is right for you? Learn more about each procedure and why you might choose one over the other on our blog post.

Safer, Cheaper, Easier Than Other Spine Centers

As an outpatient surgery center we avoid the overhead associated with a hospital facility which allows us to pass the cost savings to our patients. The benefits of having your procedure at a surgery center include:

Lower Deductible and Coinsurance Payments Shorter Wait and Procedure Times Smaller and Easier to Navigate Facilities

To learn more about the benefits of having your procedure at an ambulatory surgery center, click here to see our infographic.

Exceptional and Compassionate Staff

From those at the front desk to those in the operating room, our staff are committed to making your experience positive. Our surgeons are all board certified in their respective fields and have average ratings as high as 4.8/5 by patients. To see our list of surgeons, click here.

Where Care Meets Comfort

Our facility was designed with both patient care and patient comfort in mind. Everything from comfortable seating in the registration area to the latest 4K endoscopic technology was incorporated into the Preferred Surgicenter experience. To take a tour of our facility, click here.

We Provide Accommodations
For patients coming in from outside of the Chicagoland area, we will book your hotel room. Our facility is also set up for overnight stay in case you require observation.

The Bottom Line

As a surgery center we employ top surgeons and stay up to date on the latest technology. This allows us to provide high quality care with a short wait time and a low price tag, an achievement that we take great pride in and strive to maintain. For more information or if you have specific questions, contact us here.


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"I had a TLIF procedure done and I was very scared and nervous, but the staff treated me like royalty! They made me feel calm and cared for. They went above and beyond to insure my comfort. I stayed overnight and the staff was even more amazing after my surgery."

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We are accredited by The Joint Commission in addition to having a state license and Board-certified surgeons. Our facility strives to provide you with the best medical care and a comfortable experience.